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SeedLegals is the one-stop destination for taking care of all the legals you’ll need to build, run and fund your company. Founders: Anthony Rose (CEO) and Laurent Laffy (Chairman) ... Read more »

ThoughtRiver: Contract decisions simplified

ThoughtRiver is revolutionising the way businesses make contractual decisions. By using predictive and behavioural analytics, machine trained text mining and data visualisation we enable companies to understand and transform the ... Read more »

Pagemap: Review contracts faster

Pagemap helps you navigate, share and collaborate on complex contracts with ease, automatically identifying defined terms, cross-references and dates. Add as many keyword searches as you need and have them ... Read more »

sharedo: The single platform for all legal

sharedo is an adaptive case and matter management platform. Utilising the best technology, sharedo provides law firms with technological assistance to improve efficiency, optimise processes and enhance their unique skills ... Read more »

Diligen: Streamlining legal due diligence and contract review

Diligen streamlines legal due diligence by combining automatic contract review using artificial intelligence with collaborative project management. It was designed specifically to address the challenges law firms face doing due ... Read more »

LawHawk: Law@Speed

Automated Legal Document Templates to help New Zealand lawyers deliver law@speed. Founder: Gene Turner (Managing Director) Launched: 2016 Made in: Wellington, New Zealand Visit: LawHawk ... Read more »

BusyLamp: Run your legal department like a champion

BusyLamp is a leading international provider of web-based enterprise legal management solutions. It helps legal departments to save time, significantly reduce overhead and collaborate more effectively with inside and outside ... Read more »

AUTTO: A toolkit for legal engineers

Autto is used by lawyers to break processes down into their component elements, then build those elements up into a dynamic workflow for colleagues or clients. Autto applies AI, automating ... Read more »

Legalesign: Send, sign and manage your business's contracts

Legalesign is a fast and versatile online service for legal contract execution. It has a strong focus on simplicity of design, ease of use and versatility of use, for handling ... Read more »

Paper: Automated startup legals from day one to exit

Paper allows entrepreneurs to create their own investment ready legal structures with a visual, intuitive interface, which makes closing a seed round or launching an employee stock option plan only ... Read more »

FormSwift: Create and sign documents for free

FormSwift is a cloud-based service that enables individuals and businesses to easily customize, sign, and download popular business, legal, or personal forms. Founders: Sathvik (Vik) Tantry and David Becker Launched: ... Read more »

Avvoka: Create, sign and store contracts in the cloud

Avvoka is a cloud platform enabling clients to automatically create, sign and manage their standard-form legal documents. We also provide data reporting tools, allowing users to monitor the contractual make-up ... Read more »

InTouch: The client focused conveyancing case management system

InTouch is a comprehensive case management tool, that utilises the power of the Microsoft Cloud to provide an unbeatable software service for conveyancers. Built upon safe, reliable and compliant technologies ... Read more »

TM TKO: Instant, awesome trademark searches

TM TKO provides instant, automated trademark clearance search reports, complete with visual analysis of confusion risks and mark strength, plus intelligent trademark watching and other research tools. Founders: Matt Schneller ... Read more »

LeBonBail: Write a lease for free

LeBonBail lets you create a lease contracts for free - owners provide housing information; tenants input their data and digitally sign the lease contract. Founder: Régis de Boisé (CEO) Launched: ... Read more »

Legalbase: Simple. Transparent. Reliable.

Legalbase enables businesses and individuals to solve their legal tasks. With simplicity, transparency, and reliability. All services are standardized and provided for fixed prices by experienced attorneys. Founders: Daniel Biene ... Read more »

LegalPlace: Affordable legal documents and legal advice

LegalPlace is the french one stop shop for families and businesses that need legal documents and legal advice. We have digitalized the lawyer process for writing a legal document with ... Read more »

Get Legal Counsel: Know upfront what your legal costs will be

Get Legal Counsel hits the legal pain-point: costs. Why DIY when you can get customized legal advice all for a great upfront flat-fee price. Founder: Sam Miller (CEO) Launched: 2014 ... Read more »

CPD for Me: Online learning for lawyers

CPD For Me is an online learning portal providing lawyers with compulsory CPD requirements via regular interactive webinars, online library, training and coaching to improve professional skills, practice growth and ... Read more »

CaseHub: Fight bad guys online

CaseHub is introducing a new way for people to defend themselves against big, 'bad' companies. We build legal battles for groups of people that are free to join online. Founder: ... Read more »