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Jurispect: Regulatory intelligence for smarter business decisions

Jurispect is a regulatory intelligence platform that empowers users to monitor the changing regulatory landscape in a single interface. Powered by user engagement and data science, teams can easily stay ... Read more »

Patexia: Where science, technology & business meet

Patexia is a multidisciplinary network whose members collaborate, share expertise and solve problems in Science, Technology and Business. Founder: Pedram Sameni (CEO) Launched: 2010 Made in: Santa Monica, United States ... Read more »

Lawfty: PPC marketing for personal injury law firms

Lawfty is a Pay-Per-Click marketing platform that efficiently drives leads to small personal injury firms. Our contingency revenue model aligns our interests with those of our client firms. Founders: Todd ... Read more »

FiscalNote: Real-time open data platform

FiscalNote uses artificial intelligence and big data to deliver predictive analytics of governmental action to determine its impact. Founders: Tim Hwang (CEO), Jonathan Chen (Chief Strategy Officer), and Gerald Yao ... Read more »

TestMax: Test prep courses on mobile

TestMax is the leader in comprehensive test prep courses on mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. It is revolutionizing the test prep industry by providing high-quality content at a ... Read more »

Picture It Settled: Negotiation art informed by science

Picture It Settled is a behavioral software platform has learned negotiating patterns from parties to thousands of litigated cases in a wide variety of jurisdictions and claim types. It can ... Read more »

Counselytics: The contractual genome project

Counselytics is intelligence amplification, a smart enterprise startup rethinking the way companies discover and understand the law. counselytics brings the power of big data analytics to contract analysis by mapping ... Read more »

Habeas: A network of lawyers and clients

Habeas is an online network that gives clients the data they need to identify the right attorneys for their legal needs. By centralizing and structuring a massive trove of information ... Read more »

ClearAccessIP: User-powered intellectual property clearance

ClearAccessIP is patent management software that changes that way patent attorneys and technology companies access patent rights and eliminate exposure to litigation. Founder: Nicole Shanahan Launched: 2013 Made in: San ... Read more »

Lawpolis: A collaborative community for lawyers

Lawpolis is a professional network for attorneys where they can connect and showcase their knowledge and expertise, share practical how-to guides, examples, form documents, precedents, checklists and more. Founders: Pantea ... Read more »

Teen Legal Helpline: Free and confidential legal advice for Ontario teens

Teen Legal Helpline is a platform dedicated to giving teens free access to high quality legal advice so they can make the best decisions for their lives. Founder: Matt Boulos ... Read more » Your marketplace for jobs in law is an online marketplace for law-related jobs that connects legal employers and top candidates. Currently, the site hosts opportunities from law firms, Fortune 500 companies, professional sports teams, ... Read more »

LawKick: The easiest way to find a lawyer

LawKick is an online marketplace that connects clients with legal service providers at affordable prices. Founders: Aaron George, Michael Chasin, and Stas Baydakov Launched: 2012 Made in: Santa Monica, United ... Read more »

Legislative Explorer: Data driven discovery

Legislative Explorer is a one of a kind interactive visualization tool that allows you to observe large scale patterns and trends in congressional lawmaking without advanced methodological training. Founders: John ... Read more »

Juristat: Helping lawyers predict the future

Juristat allows its users to visually plot their chance of success in every aspect of the patent application process. Ultimately, Juristat offers nearly limitless competitive advantages to its users and ... Read more »

Contractually: The fastest, easiest way to do contracts

Contractually is a web-based platform that simplifies contracts for startups and freelancers. It enables teams of people to create, negotiate, edit, e-sign and store contracts online. Founder: Martin Ertl (CEO) ... Read more »

Lawcus: Practice law without email

Lawcus is a cloud-based practice management platform giving lawyers everything they need to effectively run their law firm. It puts collaboration, conversation and automation together to help lawyers deliver more ... Read more »

LegalCrunch: Clear your criminal record

LegalCrunch is a platform that helps people all across the nation clear their criminal records. It makes the expungement process easy and affordable by taking care of all the messy ... Read more »

Avvo: The right attorney makes the difference

Avvo is an online marketplace, making legal easier by connecting consumers and lawyers. It offers on-demand, affordable legal advice through Avvo Advisor, which delivers an Avvo-rated, experienced lawyer for 15 ... Read more »

Patdek: Find, markup & share any patent document in seconds

Patdek is a platform that helps startups, lawyers and other businesses navigate the increasingly complex patent landscape more effectively. It integrates patent documents, insights, and discussions into one platform. Clients ... Read more »