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CPD for Me: Online learning for lawyers

CPD For Me is an online learning portal providing lawyers with compulsory CPD requirements via regular interactive webinars, online library, training and coaching to improve professional skills, practice growth and ... Read more »

CaseHub: Fight bad guys online

CaseHub is introducing a new way for people to defend themselves against big, 'bad' companies. We build legal battles for groups of people that are free to join online. Founder: ... Read more »

PushLegal: A mobile law library

PushLegal is a mobile law library that offers a new way to find statutes and case law on iPhone/iPad, Android, and/or any web browser. Founders: Jonathan J. Paull ... Read more »

Parley Pro: Better contracts faster

Parley Pro is a cloud-based contract negotiation platform that helps businesses negotiate better contracts faster. Our solution speeds it up by making contract negotiation fast, simple, transparent and collaborative. Founders: ... Read more »

myBARRISTER: Find a direct access barrister

myBARRISTER is an online matchmaking service between clients and barristers. It is a portal on which barristers can present their skills to the world, and where the world, in turn, ... Read more »

Docurate: Prepare, sign, share and store legal documents

Docurate lets you prepare, sign, review and store your contracts online - currently in private beta. Founder/s: TBC Launched: Pre-launch Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: Docurate ... Read more »

Legal Space: Bright Lawyers Worldwide

Legal Space helps you resolve your legal issues online. Write your request and get legal assistance from great lawyers on your matter anywhere in the world. Founders: Artem Goldman (CEO) ... Read more »

DocNav: Spend more time thinking

DocNav is a modern document viewer for professionals that makes it easy to navigate, search, and analyze legal documents. Founder: Rishi Patel (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: New York, United ... Read more »

Concept Red: Legal video services

Concept Red provides Southern California and the US professional legal video services, including media production and video editing. Founders: Rick Levy (President) and Caron Levy (CEO) Launched: 2012 Made in: ... Read more »

The Law Superstore: You be the judge

The Law Superstore is a site for consumer comparison across the legal sector. You can compare costs, find the right provider and get the legal service you need. Founders: Matthew ... Read more »

RAVN Systems: Power of understanding

RAVN Systems Software experts specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Graph Search, SharePoint Search Enhancements, Cognitive Computing, and KM Founders: Peter Wallqvist (Managing Director), Jan Van Hoecke (CTO), Simon Pecovnik ... Read more »

PracticePanther: Simple law practice management software

PracticePanther is a simple and secure law practice management software for lawyers and law firms. It has features such as Case management, time tracking, and more. Founders: David Bitton (CEO) ... Read more »

Pekama: Legal collaboration - redesigned

Pekama is a cloud based lawyer-client collaboration platform aimed at making lawyers and clients happy. Founders: Zeev Fisher (CEO), Eyal Fisher (CTO), Launched: 2014 Made in: Cambridge, United Kingdom Visit: ... Read more »

Crowd & Co: Connecting you to the legal crowd

Crowd & Co is a market place where lawyers, law firms and corporates can connect, engage and collaborate on legal matters. Founders: Jarred Launched: 2014 Made in: Melbourne, Australia Visit: ... Read more »

Peter: Your AI-based business lawyer

Peter AI-business lawyer that is able to make sure that legal documents is signed, stored and process according to regulatory requirements. Launched: 2015 Made in: San Mateo, United States Visit: ... Read more »

LegaLife: The first disruptive company on the French legal market

LegaLife is the 1st French website to provide a solid combination of DIY online legal forms and access to lawyers Founders: François Marill (CEO), Thomas Rivoire (COO), and Olivier Adam ... Read more »

Luxia: High definition legal content management

Luxia is a spin off from Mines Paritech's 'Alinéa by Luxia', a search solution based on several years of R&D on legal data. Luxia itself is a legal ... Read more »

Lexicata: Seamless client intake in the cloud for lawyers

Lexicata provides an end-to-end cloud-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and client intake solution to handle every step of the legal sales process more efficiently. Founders: Michael Chasin and Aaron George ... Read more »

Snapterms: Terms of Service, as a Service

Snapterms is a simple and easy way to get the proper legal protection (Terms of Service & Privacy Policy) for your website. Founders: Aaron Kelly and Mike Kolb Launched: 2012 ... Read more »

Everplans: A new approach to end-of-life and death

Everplans allows users to create, securely upload, and share documents (such as a will, life insurance, health information, online account info, and even personal funeral wishes) in one place so ... Read more »