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You're part of one of the biggest disruptive movements to ever hit the legal industry. Lawyers and technologists are swapping suits and pens for hoodies and code, to use technology to solve legal problems faster, better and cheaper than ever before. The era of #LegalTech has arrived and it's your turn to shine.

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"This is exactly what the legal tech industry needs - one place to see the entire playing field."

--Daniel van Binsbergen, CEO at Lexoo

How to get featured

Getting featured on Law Hackers is a matter of answering a handful of questions about your startup. We don't accept all types of startups however. For example 'startup' law firms or consultancies won't be featured - we're looking for technology startups that are solving legal problems in a new way or improving existing technologies.

A few other criteria:

1. Your site must be live - pre-launch, Alpha or Beta sites are most welcome, but screenshots alone won't cut it.

2. Your startup must be up and running or in development, not merely a launch page testing demand for an idea.

3. No zombies - many startups will fail (and that's cool with us) but we will curate failed/inactive startups out of the listings.

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