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LexPredict: Empowering the future of legal decision making

LexPredict is a legal research, analytics and big data company that undertakes cutting-edge legal technology projects, such as FantasySCOTUS - the leading Supreme Court Fantasy League and the LexPredict League Agreement Database. Founders: Mike Bommarito (CEO) and Daniel Martin Katz (CSO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Michigan, United States Visit: LexPredict ... Read more »

Tyche: Moneyball for lawsuits

Tyche uses world-class predictive analytics to help stakeholders in legal claims identify and focus on the factors most important to the resolution of their claims. Founders: Adam Cassady and David DeAngelis Launched: Pre-launch Made in: New York Visit: Tyche ... Read more »

UniCourt: Courting evolution

UniCourt is a Big Data SaaS Solution that creates greater efficiency in federal and state case search, tracking, marketing and case management. Our proprietary docket content triggering and case tracking system provides clients with an automated data insight solution resulting in increased speed in providing actionable information. Founders: James Hatcher ... Read more »

Sky Analytics: Moneyball for the legal industry

Sky Analytics is a legal spend management and analytics platform for corporate law departments. It enriches your invoice data by benchmarking it against market data to give you visibility into your legal spend, opportunities for cost savings, cutting edge analysis and reporting tools. Founders: Ron Gruner (CEO), Doug Ventola (President) ... Read more »

Lex Machina: Legal analytics for IP litigation

Lex Machina mines litigation data from IP cases, revealing insights never before available about judges, lawyers, parties, and patents, culled from millions of pages of IP litigation information and data including PACER, the ITC’s EDIS, and the USPTO website. Founders: Prof. Mark Lemley, George Gregory and Joshua Walker. Launched: ... Read more »

Trea: Knowledge analytics & defensive publishing

Trea provides an easy way to see what inventions a company or inventor is patenting, and shows the fields in which they are most active. The Trea database also probes the USPTO for new filings, sends alerts to subscribers and displays “unified knowledge graphs” of relationships between inventors. Founder: Max ... Read more »

Ravel: Visual legal research & analytics

Ravel gives you visual tools and robust analytics to rapidly understand legal issues and identify key cases. In comparisons with traditional legal research tools, Ravel cuts research time by up to 70%. Founders: Daniel Lewis (CEO) and Nik Reed (CEE) Launched: 2012 Made in: San Francisco Visit: Ravel ... Read more »