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sharedo: The single platform for all legal

sharedo is an adaptive case and matter management platform. Utilising the best technology, sharedo provides law firms with technological assistance to improve efficiency, optimise processes and enhance their unique skills to deliver successful client outcomes; profitably. Founders: Ben Nicholson (Director of Strategy) and Nick Humphrey (Director) Launched: 2011 Made in: ... Read more »

InTouch: The client focused conveyancing case management system

InTouch is a comprehensive case management tool, that utilises the power of the Microsoft Cloud to provide an unbeatable software service for conveyancers. Built upon safe, reliable and compliant technologies that allow you to do more, InTouch is the complete conveyancing case management system. Founder: Marvin Rounce Launched: 2014 Made ... Read more »

Litigo: Case management made simple

Litigo is a case management platform for law practices that allows attorneys to effectively manage client and case information, contacts, calendaring and documents. Founders: Ben Smalley (CEO) and Rav Johal (CTO) Launched: 2014 Made in: San Francisco Visit: Litigo ... Read more »

Legal Monkeys: Pioneers of records collection

Legal Monkeys builds case management tools for attorneys to make the collection and management of medical records faster and simpler than ever. Founder: Corey Cormier (CEO) Launched: 2009 Made in: Texas, United States Visit: Legal Monkeys ... Read more »

UniCourt: Courting evolution

UniCourt is a Big Data SaaS Solution that creates greater efficiency in federal and state case search, tracking, marketing and case management. Our proprietary docket content triggering and case tracking system provides clients with an automated data insight solution resulting in increased speed in providing actionable information. Founders: James Hatcher ... Read more »

Allegory: Smart software for smart litigtation

Allegory is the first and only end-to-end knowledge management tool for litigation teams. Designed by a BigLaw litigator who excelled in complex fast-paced litigations and developed by a team experienced in enterprise software, Allegory brings the best of both litigation practices and modern technology to litigation teams. Founder: Alma Asay ... Read more »