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ThoughtRiver: Contract decisions simplified

ThoughtRiver is revolutionising the way businesses make contractual decisions. By using predictive and behavioural analytics, machine trained text mining and data visualisation we enable companies to understand and transform the quality of their deals - speeding up decision making, and providing better information on which to make decisions. Founder: Tim ... Read more »

Pagemap: Review contracts faster

Pagemap helps you navigate, share and collaborate on complex contracts with ease, automatically identifying defined terms, cross-references and dates. Add as many keyword searches as you need and have them all live at once, then save your commonly used keywords for use with other documents. Founders: Simon Stockdale (CEO) Launched: ... Read more »

Legalesign: Send, sign and manage your business's contracts

Legalesign is a fast and versatile online service for legal contract execution. It has a strong focus on simplicity of design, ease of use and versatility of use, for handling the many types of use-cases that occur for business contracting and for providing adaptability and scaleability for business and technical ... Read more »

LegalPlace: Affordable legal documents and legal advice

LegalPlace is the french one stop shop for families and businesses that need legal documents and legal advice. We have digitalized the lawyer process for writing a legal document with a dynamique questionnaire. Our lawyers partners offer legal assistance to finalize a contract or to answer a specific question. Founder: ... Read more »

Parley Pro: Better contracts faster

Parley Pro is a cloud-based contract negotiation platform that helps businesses negotiate better contracts faster. Our solution speeds it up by making contract negotiation fast, simple, transparent and collaborative. Founders: Lilian Caldeira (CEO) and Roman Kisin (CTO) Launched: 2016 Made in: Emerald Hills, United States Visit: Parley Pro ... Read more »

LegaLife: The first disruptive company on the French legal market

LegaLife is the 1st French website to provide a solid combination of DIY online legal forms and access to lawyers Founders: François Marill (CEO), Thomas Rivoire (COO), and Olivier Adam (CTO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Paris, France Visit: LegaLife ... Read more »

Concord: The contract success platform

Concord is a contract management platform that can be used to draft, sign, negotiate, execute, and manage contracts. Founders: Matt Lhoumeau (CEO) and Florian Parain (CTO) Launched: 2015 Made in: United States, San Francisco Visit: Concord ... Read more »

EasyNDA: Click, sign and send

EasyNDA makes NDA creation and management simple and pain-free. Founder: Crick Waters (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Palo Alto, United States Visit: EasyNDA ... Read more »

Legalese: Software is eating the law

Legalese produces complete, consistent, coordinated sets of documents that confidently move your company's state vector from A to B. We've gathered free early-stage fundraising agreements published by YC and 500 Startups, marked them up, and turned them into Legalese templates. You only have to fill in your details once, and ... Read more »

Ironclad: One organized Dropbox folder for all your legal documents

Ironclad is the software layer for corporate legal. Our technology is designed to do the routine, administrative work that is essential to keeping good company records and building a sound foundation for more complex legal work. Founder: Jason Boehmig (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: California, United States Visit: Ironclad ... Read more »

ClauseMatch: Documents reinvented

ClauseMatch is a SaaS platform for negotiating smarter contracts and collaborating on documents, solving long time problems of lengthy and expensive process of management of documentation and inability to unlock the information contained within contracts and documents. Founders: Evgeny Likhoded (CEO), Peter Dijkstra (COO) and Yossi Abramov (CTO) Launched: 2014 ... Read more »

Beagle: We sniff out the fine print so you don't have to

Beagle uses artificial intelligence to read a contract, display what it has found in an intuitive manner, and provides a feature rich collaboration platform for stakeholder engagement. The best part.. Beagle gets smarter the more you use it through powerful machine learning. Founder: Cian O'Sullivan (Top Dog) Launched: 2013 Made ... Read more »

ClauseHound: Draft smarter and faster

ClauseHound is an open-source database of over 10,000 clauses. It gives lawyers and new business owners an online, customizable, drafting and review tool for contract clauses. Founder: Rajah Lehal Launched: 2015 Made in: Toronto, Canada Visit: ClauseHound ... Read more »

Eris: Smart contract technology using blockchain

Eris builds smart contract software enabling lawyers to work with their clients and build computable and legal contracts which streamline business processes and increase transparency and certainty within an organization. Founders: Casey Kuhlman (CEO), Preston Byrne (COO) and Tyler Jackson (Innovation) Launched: 2014 Made in: London Visit: Eris ... Read more »

Closing Folders: Legal transactions, automated

Closing Folders helps corporate lawyers manage documents and signatures in legal transactions. Closing Folders automates the repetitive work required for getting ready for a closing in an M&A or Corporate Finance transaction so that lawyers can focus on real legal work. Founders: Sahil Zaman (President) and Gordon Cassie ... Read more »

Precisely: Handle legal contracts like a walk in the park

Precisely is an online platform for handling legal contracts, reducing contract creation time by up to 80% and allows automated monitoring and analysis of signed contracts. Founders: Robert Gullander (CEO), Johan Norin (Board Member) and Nils-Erik Jansson (Chairman) Launched: Pre-launch Made in: Stockholm, Sweden Visit: Precisely ... Read more »

DealStage: Manage your deals efficiently - from docs to sig pages to closing

DealStage is a secure online app designed to help lawyers organize, and communicate about, a deal closing. DealStage offers tools that manage checklists, signature page sorting, document version control and other deal-related tasks. Founders: Charles Fellers and Greg Herrington Launched: 2013 Made in: New York Visit: DealStage ... Read more »

LawBite: Simple law for small companies

LawBite is an online legal services provider. We offer a perfect fit for startups, entrepreneurs, freelancers & other business professionals. We embrace tech for good and pass on the savings to our clients. We support flexible workers: both for our clients & our team. No more high fees, and no ... Read more »

Docracy: Open source, free legal documents

Docracy is an open source hub of free legal documents, socially curated by the communities that use them. You can upload or create a new document or edit and improve existing documents for the community or just for you. Once done, get it signed and securely store it for later ... Read more »

Dragon Law: Innovative platform for the modern lawyer

Dragon Law gives lawyers innovative tools to optimize workflow and ensure fluid communications with clients. It makes the painful task of creating and signing documents more transparent, easy and cost effective. Founders: Daniel Walker (CEO) and Jacob Fisch Launched: 2013 Made in: Hong Kong Visit: Dragon Law ... Read more »