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Diligen: Streamlining legal due diligence and contract review

Diligen streamlines legal due diligence by combining automatic contract review using artificial intelligence with collaborative project management. It was designed specifically to address the challenges law firms face doing due diligence on M&A and corporate finance transactions. Founders: Laura Van Wyngaarden and Konrad Pola Launched: 2015 Made in: ... Read more »

UniCourt: Courting evolution

UniCourt is a Big Data SaaS Solution that creates greater efficiency in federal and state case search, tracking, marketing and case management. Our proprietary docket content triggering and case tracking system provides clients with an automated data insight solution resulting in increased speed in providing actionable information. Founders: James Hatcher ... Read more »

DiligenceEngine: Technology enhanced contract review

DiligenceEngine is a platform which allows lawyers to undertake faster, more accurate contract review. Users upload documents and the system automatically finds specified provisions, prepares summary charts, and includes workflow tools to help lawyers refine and understand results. Founders: Noah Waisberg (CEO) and Alexander Hudek (CTO) Launched: 2012 Made in: ... Read more »

eBrevia: Contract analytics for faster, more accurate review & tracking

eBrevia is commercializing artificial intelligence technology developed at Columbia University that uses machine learning techniques to extract and summarize legal provisions from a wide array of legal documents. Founders: Ned Gannon (CEO), Adam Nguyen (COO) and Jacob Mundt (CTO) Launched: 2014 Made in: New York Visit: eBrevia ... Read more »