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Legalbase: Simple. Transparent. Reliable.

Legalbase enables businesses and individuals to solve their legal tasks. With simplicity, transparency, and reliability. All services are standardized and provided for fixed prices by experienced attorneys. Founders: Daniel Biene (CEO), Christoph Jenke (COO) and Peter Schink (CPO) Launched: 2016 Made in: Berlin, Germany Visit: Legalbase ... Read more »

myBARRISTER: Find a direct access barrister

myBARRISTER is an online matchmaking service between clients and barristers. It is a portal on which barristers can present their skills to the world, and where the world, in turn, can find the exact legal expert they need. Founder: Ronald DeKoven (CEO) Launched: 2013 Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: ... Read more »

Legal Space: Bright Lawyers Worldwide

Legal Space helps you resolve your legal issues online. Write your request and get legal assistance from great lawyers on your matter anywhere in the world. Founders: Artem Goldman (CEO) and Andrey Zinoviev (Managing Partner) Launched: 2015 Made in: Moscow, Russia Visit: Legal Space ... Read more »

The Law Superstore: You be the judge

The Law Superstore is a site for consumer comparison across the legal sector. You can compare costs, find the right provider and get the legal service you need. Founders: Matthew Briggs Launched: 2016 Made in: Surrey, United Kingdom Visit: The Law Superstore ... Read more »

LegaLife: The first disruptive company on the French legal market

LegaLife is the 1st French website to provide a solid combination of DIY online legal forms and access to lawyers Founders: François Marill (CEO), Thomas Rivoire (COO), and Olivier Adam (CTO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Paris, France Visit: LegaLife ... Read more »

De Advocatenwijzer: Certainty of the right choice

De Advocatenwijzer (The Lawyers Guide) helps individuals and business owners find a suitable legal expert. Founders: Mechteld van den Oord, Bjorn Sprengers, and Ron van Valkengoed Launched: 2013 Made in: Amsterdam, Netherlands Visit: De Advocatenwijzer ... Read more »

LegalUP: Legal peace of mind for everyone

LegalUP assists you with legal problems; from negotiations to court filings thanks to AI, IBM Watson and our lawyers. We also provide business packages to entrepreneurs like incorporation in France, UK and USA. Founders: Arnaud Biju-duval (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: LegalUP ... Read more »

abe: Lawyers that get it

Abe lets you find lawyers recommended by entrepreneurs by using lawyer profiles so you can perform your due diligence and make an informed hiring decision. Founder: Ronan Levy Launched: 2014 Made in: Toronto, Canada Visit: abe ... Read more »

JuxtaLegal: Legal comparison is here

JuxtaLegal allows you to find a solicitor and instantly compare solicitors based on fixed fees and reviews - all for free. JuxtaLegal covers a spectrum of legal areas and is packed with legal FAQs, blogs, news and reviews. Founder: Thomas Noble (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: London Visit: JuxtaLegal ... Read more »

Legalstart: Your legal documents at your fingertips

Legalstart simplifies the management of your legal needs: create a company, file a trademark, write a contract, appoint an officer, sell shares & more. Founders: Timothée Rambaud, Pierre Aïdan and Stéphane Le Viet Launched: 2014 Made in: Paris, France Visit: Legalstart ... Read more »

Legaler: Simpler, smarter communication between lawyers and clients

Legaler is a simpler and smarter way for lawyers and clients to connect through a cloud-based mobile and web platform. Founders: Karim Ghiassi, Michael Hosseini and Stevie Ghiassi Launched: Pre-launch Made in: Sydney, Australia Visit: Legaler ... Read more »

CapacityHQ: Consultant lawyer marketplace

CapacityHQ provides an online marketplace where law firms and corporates can find and engage Australian-qualified, consultant lawyers for contract work. Our platform enables legal teams to scale up with high quality, experienced talent to cover a staff absence, add specialist skills or simply provide extra support, without growing fixed overhead. ... Read more »

Lawbooth: Talk to a lawyer now

Lawbooth connects clients and attorneys online using industry leading scheduling, video conferencing, and marketplace technology. Founders: Willy Ogorzaly (CEO), Tyler Cox (COO), Barry Talley, Joe Burchard, Brett Blothner and Victor Rojas Launched: Formerly Congo (2014), relaunched as Lawbooth in 2015 Made in: Boulder, Colorado Visit: Lawbooth ... Read more »

LawKick: The easiest way to find a lawyer

LawKick is an online marketplace that connects clients with legal service providers at affordable prices. Founders: Aaron George, Michael Chasin, and Stas Baydakov Launched: 2012 Made in: Santa Monica, United states Visit: LawKick ... Read more »

ProAnnexUs: Uber for lawyers

ProAnnexUs is a reliable and intuitive way to find, contact, transact with, pay and review lawyers and accountants in your area. Founder: Simon Astill (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Leicester, United Kingdom Visit: ProAnnexUs ... Read more »

Avvo: The right attorney makes the difference

Avvo is an online marketplace, making legal easier by connecting consumers and lawyers. It offers on-demand, affordable legal advice through Avvo Advisor, which delivers an Avvo-rated, experienced lawyer for 15 minutes over the phone - anytime, anywhere - available online or via a free app for iOS devices. Founders: Mark ... Read more »

JammedUp: When trouble finds you, you find us

JammedUp is an online legal resource for the average person who needs to find the right legal representation in a time efficient manner. It simplifies the process of choosing the right professional and facilitates the connection between clients and legal professionals for any kind of issue. Founders: Jacob Alger (CEO) ... Read more »

LawTrades: The easiest way to find, hire and work with top lawyers

LawTrades seamlessly connects people to talented lawyers, making legal services more accessible and generating more business for lawyers. Founder: Raad Ahmed (CEO) Launched: 2013 Made in: New York, United States Visit: LawTrades ... Read more »