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Legalbase: Simple. Transparent. Reliable.

Legalbase enables businesses and individuals to solve their legal tasks. With simplicity, transparency, and reliability. All services are standardized and provided for fixed prices by experienced attorneys. Founders: Daniel Biene (CEO), Christoph Jenke (COO) and Peter Schink (CPO) Launched: 2016 Made in: Berlin, Germany Visit: Legalbase ... Read more »

The Law Superstore: You be the judge

The Law Superstore is a site for consumer comparison across the legal sector. You can compare costs, find the right provider and get the legal service you need. Founders: Matthew Briggs Launched: 2016 Made in: Surrey, United Kingdom Visit: The Law Superstore ... Read more »

De Advocatenwijzer: Certainty of the right choice

De Advocatenwijzer (The Lawyers Guide) helps individuals and business owners find a suitable legal expert. Founders: Mechteld van den Oord, Bjorn Sprengers, and Ron van Valkengoed Launched: 2013 Made in: Amsterdam, Netherlands Visit: De Advocatenwijzer ... Read more »

LegalUP: Legal peace of mind for everyone

LegalUP assists you with legal problems; from negotiations to court filings thanks to AI, IBM Watson and our lawyers. We also provide business packages to entrepreneurs like incorporation in France, UK and USA. Founders: Arnaud Biju-duval (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: LegalUP ... Read more » Solve your legal questions in a few clicks is an online platform that lets you enter and solve your legal questions in a few clicks, for free. Founder: TBC Launched: 2015 Made in: Madrid, Spain Visit: ... Read more »

abe: Lawyers that get it

Abe lets you find lawyers recommended by entrepreneurs by using lawyer profiles so you can perform your due diligence and make an informed hiring decision. Founder: Ronan Levy Launched: 2014 Made in: Toronto, Canada Visit: abe ... Read more »

JuxtaLegal: Legal comparison is here

JuxtaLegal allows you to find a solicitor and instantly compare solicitors based on fixed fees and reviews - all for free. JuxtaLegal covers a spectrum of legal areas and is packed with legal FAQs, blogs, news and reviews. Founder: Thomas Noble (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: London Visit: JuxtaLegal ... Read more »

LawGo: Lawyers on demand

LawGo's mission is to provide everyday Americans with access to outstanding small business and personal legal services. LawGo empowers consumers by allowing them to purchase legal services at fixed fees on demand. LawGo is further leading the future of legal by developing intelligent algorithmic tools and a consumer-facing robot lawyer, ... Read more »

RSVP Law: Real help is free

RSVP Law is a free to access law and legal resource that takes requests. A lot of great info is out there, but takes a long time to find. Our goal is to make finding information and services as it relates to your law and legal needs easier. Founders: Neil ... Read more »

Legaler: Simpler, smarter communication between lawyers and clients

Legaler is a simpler and smarter way for lawyers and clients to connect through a cloud-based mobile and web platform. Founders: Karim Ghiassi, Michael Hosseini and Stevie Ghiassi Launched: Pre-launch Made in: Sydney, Australia Visit: Legaler ... Read more »

LawKick: The easiest way to find a lawyer

LawKick is an online marketplace that connects clients with legal service providers at affordable prices. Founders: Aaron George, Michael Chasin, and Stas Baydakov Launched: 2012 Made in: Santa Monica, United states Visit: LawKick ... Read more »

ProAnnexUs: Uber for lawyers

ProAnnexUs is a reliable and intuitive way to find, contact, transact with, pay and review lawyers and accountants in your area. Founder: Simon Astill (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Leicester, United Kingdom Visit: ProAnnexUs ... Read more »

Avvo: The right attorney makes the difference

Avvo is an online marketplace, making legal easier by connecting consumers and lawyers. It offers on-demand, affordable legal advice through Avvo Advisor, which delivers an Avvo-rated, experienced lawyer for 15 minutes over the phone - anytime, anywhere - available online or via a free app for iOS devices. Founders: Mark ... Read more »

JammedUp: When trouble finds you, you find us

JammedUp is an online legal resource for the average person who needs to find the right legal representation in a time efficient manner. It simplifies the process of choosing the right professional and facilitates the connection between clients and legal professionals for any kind of issue. Founders: Jacob Alger (CEO) ... Read more »

Law Scout: A better way to get legal done

Law Scout is Canada’s first platform connecting small businesses to lawyers who work online at upfront, fixed fees. Founders: Derek Hopfner, Shane Murphy and Travis Houlette  Launched: 2015 Made in: Toronto, Canada Visit Law Scout ... Read more »