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Jurispect: Regulatory intelligence for smarter business decisions

Jurispect is a regulatory intelligence platform that empowers users to monitor the changing regulatory landscape in a single interface. Powered by user engagement and data science, teams can easily stay on top of industry trends, track and share documents, and quickly see all relevant compliance documents from Federal & State ... Read more »

PushLegal: A mobile law library

PushLegal is a mobile law library that offers a new way to find statutes and case law on iPhone/iPad, Android, and/or any web browser. Founders: Jonathan J. Paull Launched: 2010 Made in: Houston, United States Visit: PushLegal ... Read more »

LexPredict: Empowering the future of legal decision making

LexPredict is a legal research, analytics and big data company that undertakes cutting-edge legal technology projects, such as FantasySCOTUS - the leading Supreme Court Fantasy League and the LexPredict League Agreement Database. Founders: Mike Bommarito (CEO) and Daniel Martin Katz (CSO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Michigan, United States Visit: LexPredict ... Read more »

ROSS: Super intelligent attorney

ROSS is a digital legal expert that's built on top of Watson, IBM's cognitive computer, that helps you power through your legal research. Founders: Andrew Arruda, Jimoh Ovbiagele, Akash Venkat, Shuai Wang and Pargles Dall’Oglio Launched: 2015 Made in: Toronto, Canada Visit: ROSS ... Read more »

ClearstoneIP: Revolutionizing freedom-to-operate patent searching

ClearstoneIP is a uniquely optimized platform for patent infringement type searching. By allowing users to generate or access a hierarchical display of claims-based elements, large numbers of objectively irrelevant patents can be filtered from an input set in minutes -- a highly accurate output in a fraction of the time ... Read more »

Digesto: Computational tools to improve the practice of law in Brazil

Digesto uses computer science tools to improve the practice of law in Brazil. We believe the technologies that allow the processing of large amounts of text, identifying trends and machine learning, can help citizens, companies, lawyers, prosecutors and judges respond better to questions about how to interpret and apply the ... Read more »

CiteGuru: Crowdsourced legal research

CiteGuru is a crowdsourced marketplace for legal research. Attorneys and legal researchers submit research projects that describe their needs and set reward goals for researchers. Project fees are set according to the complexity, amount of information needed, and timing. Founder: Brian Fox Launched: 2015 Made in: Pittsburgh, United States Visit: ... Read more »

Legislative Explorer: Data driven discovery

Legislative Explorer is a one of a kind interactive visualization tool that allows you to observe large scale patterns and trends in congressional lawmaking without advanced methodological training. Founders: John Wilkerson and Nicholas Stramp Launched: 2014 Made in: Seattle, United States Visit: Legislative Explorer ... Read more »

Patdek: Find, markup & share any patent document in seconds

Patdek is a platform that helps startups, lawyers and other businesses navigate the increasingly complex patent landscape more effectively. It integrates patent documents, insights, and discussions into one platform. Clients and patent professionals can now focus on patent issues ,not gathering basic content. Founders: Jay Guiliano and Robert Melton Launched: ... Read more »

Mootus: Helps law students and lawyers build skills, reputation and knowledge

Mootus is an online platform that helps law students and lawyers build skills, reputation and knowledge for free through open, online legal argument. Founders: Adam Ziegler (CEO) and Jeff Schneller (CTO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Boston, United States Visit: Mootus ... Read more »

PlainSite: The law in plain sight

PlainSite offers over 100GB of freely available government data organized in a way that makes sense, plus useful and affordable analytics on a subscription basis. You can use it to learn useful facts about judges, lawyers, law firms, lawsuits, patents, trademarks, IP assignments, lobbyists, companies, non-profits, government agencies, and more. ... Read more »

Knomos: Navigate the legal cosmos

Knomos is a visual platform driven by user experience to create an interactive atlas of the Law. Much as an atlas consists of several maps, each with its own level of detail, Knomos gives you multiple views of cross-referenced sources so you can build and share your own custom maps ... Read more »

UniCourt: Courting evolution

UniCourt is a Big Data SaaS Solution that creates greater efficiency in federal and state case search, tracking, marketing and case management. Our proprietary docket content triggering and case tracking system provides clients with an automated data insight solution resulting in increased speed in providing actionable information. Founders: James Hatcher ... Read more »

Docket Alarm: Search and track cases with ease

Docket Alarm runs full-text searches across millions of law-suits and delivers real-time alerts to your inbox or mobile device. Founder: Michael Sander Launched: 2011 Made in: New York Visit: Docket Alarm ... Read more »

Bestlaw: A browser extension to add the features Westlaw forgot

Bestlaw adds features to WestlawNext to make legal research more efficient, cost-effective, and enjoyable. It lets you create perfect Bluebook citations with one click. It has lots of other useful tools, too. Founder: Joe Mornin (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Berkeley, USA Visit: Bestlaw ... Read more »

Wildcat: Legal search for curious humans

It takes you ages to find the legal information you need, right? Guess why. You’re not a lawyer. You’re just an overly curious human. Come change that. Get to know the law. In an unexpectedly beautiful way. Founder: Serena Manzoli Launched: Pre-launch Made in: London Visit: Wildcat ... Read more »

Judicata: Mapping the legal genome

Judicata is "mapping the legal genome" by turning unstructured case law into highly structured data to illuminate how the law has been applied and how legal arguments will fare in the future. It promises to move beyond crude keyword search and enable lawyers to quickly find and contextualize precise, relevant ... Read more »

Caseflex: A faster, smarter way to access federal court dockets

Caseflex provide lawyers, researchers and brokers with incredibly easy access to federal case dockets and filings. It's built on the shortcoming of Pacer, so lawyers will never have to deal with Pacer again. Founder: Rich Lee Launched: 2013 Made in: New York Visit: Caseflex ... Read more »

Ravel: Visual legal research & analytics

Ravel gives you visual tools and robust analytics to rapidly understand legal issues and identify key cases. In comparisons with traditional legal research tools, Ravel cuts research time by up to 70%. Founders: Daniel Lewis (CEO) and Nik Reed (CEE) Launched: 2012 Made in: San Francisco Visit: Ravel ... Read more »