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BusyLamp: Run your legal department like a champion

BusyLamp is a leading international provider of web-based enterprise legal management solutions. It helps legal departments to save time, significantly reduce overhead and collaborate more effectively with inside and outside counsel by automating and improving their legal matter and spend management. Founders: Dr. Manuel Meder (Co-CEO), Dr. Michael Tal (Co-CEO) ... Read more »

Legal Flow: Smart & easy legal management software

Legal Flow Visual & easy-to-use Legal Project Management (LPM) software, saving lawyers time and money. It enables lawyers to become more efficient by dividing their work into small tasks & optimize their work. With its unique mapping tool, lawyers can easily create legal processes and use templates for similar matters. ... Read more »

Legalshine: Next generation legal spend management

Legalshine is a new way for organizations to manage and control legal spend. It brings next generation analytics without any integration or process changes. Founders: Ian Nolan (CEO) and Alex Kelly (COO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Dublin, Ireland Visit: Legalshine ... Read more »

Apperio: Simple and transparent management of your legal spend

Apperio is the only online platform that enables your business to track legal spend in real time, manage your law firm relationships and tender legal work. Founder: Nicholas d'Adhemar (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: London Visit: Apperio ... Read more »