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RollRun: Instant notifications when your cases are on the court roll

RollRun automatically checks the court rolls each day and notifies you instantly when your cases are on the court roll. Never worry about missing your case. Founder: Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: Edinburgh, Scotland Visit: RollRun ... Read more »

Lexop: The most powerful solution for managing litigation timetables

Lexop is a powerful online platform allowing litigation professionals to create, negotiate, sign, and manage litigation timetables. Founders: Amir Tajkarimi (CEO), Jean-Olivier Bouchard (VP) and Nima Jalalvandi (VP) Launched: 2014 Made in: Montreal, Canada Visit: Lexop ... Read more »

Litigo: Case management made simple

Litigo is a case management platform for law practices that allows attorneys to effectively manage client and case information, contacts, calendaring and documents. Founders: Ben Smalley (CEO) and Rav Johal (CTO) Launched: 2014 Made in: San Francisco Visit: Litigo ... Read more »

Nextpoint: Discover the facts in your case in minutes

Nextpoint is a powerful, on-demand evidence management platform designed to sync with the way legal teams work – from partners to paralegals – for any size matter. Founder: Rakesh Madhava (CEO) Launched: 2001 Made in: Chicago, United States Visit: Nextpoint ... Read more »