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Concept Red: Legal video services

Concept Red provides Southern California and the US professional legal video services, including media production and video editing. Founders: Rick Levy (President) and Caron Levy (CEO) Launched: 2012 Made in: Los Angeles, United States Visit: Concept Red ... Read more »

LegaLife: The first disruptive company on the French legal market

LegaLife is the 1st French website to provide a solid combination of DIY online legal forms and access to lawyers Founders: François Marill (CEO), Thomas Rivoire (COO), and Olivier Adam (CTO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Paris, France Visit: LegaLife ... Read more »

LegalUP: Legal peace of mind for everyone

LegalUP assists you with legal problems; from negotiations to court filings thanks to AI, IBM Watson and our lawyers. We also provide business packages to entrepreneurs like incorporation in France, UK and USA. Founders: Arnaud Biju-duval (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: LegalUP ... Read more »

RightRaise: Crowdfunding your legal needs

RightRaise is a crowdfunding platform for legal needs. No matter what your legal matter is: an application for a visa, a domestic abuse case, or anything else – RightRaise wants to help. Founders: Patrick, Chris and Ryan Launched: 2014 Made in: Austin, United States Visit: RightRaise ... Read more »

Get Closer: Crowd funding legal fees

Get Closer is a crowdfunding platform where people can crowd fund their legal fees to take governments to court and fight for their rights. Founders: TBC Launched: Pre-launch Made in: Bangalore, India Visit: Get Closer ... Read more »

WebPreserver: Capture online evidence with one click

WebPreserver creates legally admissible screen captures. It uses a Chrome plugin that installs on your toolbar and a cloud-based service for storage and file management. To create a screen capture simply browse to a particular web page or social post and click the WebPreserver button. Founder: Michael Riedijk (CEO) Launched: ... Read more »

Digesto: Computational tools to improve the practice of law in Brazil

Digesto uses computer science tools to improve the practice of law in Brazil. We believe the technologies that allow the processing of large amounts of text, identifying trends and machine learning, can help citizens, companies, lawyers, prosecutors and judges respond better to questions about how to interpret and apply the ... Read more »

RollRun: Instant notifications when your cases are on the court roll

RollRun automatically checks the court rolls each day and notifies you instantly when your cases are on the court roll. Never worry about missing your case. Founder: Ruairidh Wynne-McHardy (CEO) Launched: 2015 Made in: Edinburgh, Scotland Visit: RollRun ... Read more »

Percipient: Efficient and effective litigation document review

Percipient is an e-discovery and legal technology company focused on managed document review. We free up your time and resources by handling all aspects of a document review project including collection, review, analysis and production. We utilize cutting edge e-discovery software to augment high quality attorney document review. Founder: Chad ... Read more »

Casefunder: Crowdfunding for legal cases and causes

Casefunder tackles the global justice affordability crisis with crowdfunding for legal costs and causes. We help you tell a compelling story to give you the best chance of generating interest, raising funds, and raising awareness about the legal challenge you’re facing. Founder: Andrew Montesi Launched: 2014 Made in: Adelaide, ... Read more »

Picture It Settled: Negotiation art informed by science

Picture It Settled is a behavioral software platform has learned negotiating patterns from parties to thousands of litigated cases in a wide variety of jurisdictions and claim types. It can predict what an opponent will do, thereby saving time and money while optimizing settlements. Founder: Don Philbin (President) Launched: 2011 ... Read more »

CrowdJustice: Let's make justice accessible

CrowdJustice is a crowdfunding platform for “public interest” litigation that brings the Kickstarter model to legal cases that would otherwise find it hard to get funded, in a bid to widen access to justice. Founder: Julia Salasky Launched: 2015 Made in: London Visit: CrowdJustice ... Read more »

Premonition: A very, very unfair advantage in litigation

Premonition uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data mining to expose, for the first time ever, which lawyers win the most before which judge. Founders: Guy Kurlandski (CEO) and Toby Unwin (Chief Innovation Officer) Launched: 2014 Made in: Miami, United States Visit: Premonition ... Read more »

Lexop: The most powerful solution for managing litigation timetables

Lexop is a powerful online platform allowing litigation professionals to create, negotiate, sign, and manage litigation timetables. Founders: Amir Tajkarimi (CEO), Jean-Olivier Bouchard (VP) and Nima Jalalvandi (VP) Launched: 2014 Made in: Montreal, Canada Visit: Lexop ... Read more »

CrowdDefend: Fund legal cases that matter

CrowdDefend is an online crowdfunding platform dedicated to balancing the scales of justice. Users can read the stories of those appealing for help, donate to fund a case and get updates from campaigns. Founder: Hiraa Khan Launched: 2015 Made in: San Francisco Visit: CrowdDefend ... Read more »

Litigation Funding: Connecting claimants with funding

Litigation Funding helps claimants seek the opinion they need from a network of over 1,000 barristers to obtain litigation funding and ATE insurance to limit their financial risk and give their case life. Founder: Daniel ShenSmith (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Lichfield, United Kingdom Visit Litigation Funding ... Read more »

CrowdLaw: Access to justice through advocacy empowerment

CrowdLaw is a legal crowdfunding platform providing direct access to justice for all. CrowdLaw helps balance the scales of justice by providing low-cost access to funding for clients and advocates. Founders: Henry Perlstein (Chief Empowerment Officer), Robert Hogan Esq. and Michael Perlstein. Launched: 2013 Made in: Gainesville, Florida Visit: CrowdLaw ... Read more »

FactBox: Powering how you practice law

FactBox organizes all the facts/evidence in your case by issue and transforms them into client-ready work product in a clean, easy-to-use format. Founders: Lecia Kaslofsky (CEO) and Edward Morris (Chief Product Officer) Launched: 2014 Made in: San Francisco Vistit: FactBox ... Read more »

LexShares: Crowdfunding litigation finance

LexShares is a crowdfunding platform enabling individuals to invest in litigation by connecting accredited investors with plaintiffs in commercial lawsuits. If the plaintiff prevails, the investor will receive a portion of the proceeds from a settlement or court judgment. Founders: Jay Greenberg (CEO) and Max Volsky Launched: 2014 Made in: ... Read more »

PlainSite: The law in plain sight

PlainSite offers over 100GB of freely available government data organized in a way that makes sense, plus useful and affordable analytics on a subscription basis. You can use it to learn useful facts about judges, lawyers, law firms, lawsuits, patents, trademarks, IP assignments, lobbyists, companies, non-profits, government agencies, and more. ... Read more »