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PatentProfs: Your gateway to the European Patent Office

PatentProfs specializes in mediating European patent applications. Its expert patent attorneys can write and submit both European and national patent applications. It can also organize a prior art search to find out if an idea or invention can be patented and it translates patent applications in all required languages. Founder: ... Read more »

ClearstoneIP: Revolutionizing freedom-to-operate patent searching

ClearstoneIP is a uniquely optimized platform for patent infringement type searching. By allowing users to generate or access a hierarchical display of claims-based elements, large numbers of objectively irrelevant patents can be filtered from an input set in minutes -- a highly accurate output in a fraction of the time ... Read more »

Patent Monk: Patent attorney marketplace

Patent Monk is a free-to-use legal marketplace that cuts to the chase and connects inventors with the top patent attorneys in the country. Combined with user reviews, bid pricing, and transparent billing, we do the hard work so you can get on with making your dreams a reality. Founders: Steven ... Read more »

ClearAccessIP: User-powered intellectual property clearance

ClearAccessIP is patent management software that changes that way patent attorneys and technology companies access patent rights and eliminate exposure to litigation. Founder: Nicole Shanahan Launched: 2013 Made in: San Francisco, United States Visit: ClearAccessIP ... Read more »

Juristat: Helping lawyers predict the future

Juristat allows its users to visually plot their chance of success in every aspect of the patent application process. Ultimately, Juristat offers nearly limitless competitive advantages to its users and their clients. Founders: Drew Winship (CEO), Jordan Woerndle (CIO), and Robert Ward (CTO) Launched: 2012 Made in: St. Louis, United ... Read more »

Patdek: Find, markup & share any patent document in seconds

Patdek is a platform that helps startups, lawyers and other businesses navigate the increasingly complex patent landscape more effectively. It integrates patent documents, insights, and discussions into one platform. Clients and patent professionals can now focus on patent issues ,not gathering basic content. Founders: Jay Guiliano and Robert Melton Launched: ... Read more »