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MobileCounsel: Smart text messaging for attorneys

MobileCounsel helps attorneys give instant legal advice to clients without sharing their personal phone number. All messages are instantly transcribed and available for billing and case files. Founder: Jeff Walstrom (President) Launched: 2015 Made in: San Clemente, United States Visit: MobileCounsel ... Read more »

Lawcus: Practice law without email

Lawcus is a cloud-based practice management platform giving lawyers everything they need to effectively run their law firm. It puts collaboration, conversation and automation together to help lawyers deliver more with transparency and less effort. Founder: Harry Singh Launched: 2014 Made in: San Diego, United States Visit: Lawcus ... Read more »

Filevine: More clients, less overhead

Filevine is a cloud-based project, team and client management app for legal professionals and firms. Instead of just piling on features and overwhelming interfaces, Filevine is built around psychological principles of productivity. Firms using Filevine report as much as 60% increase in case load capacity -- more clients with less ... Read more »

Rocket Matter: Everything your firm needs, in one place

Rocket Matter is the leading cloud-based legal billing and law practice management software for small to mid-sized law firms. It is loaded with feature-rich functionality that makes practicing law easier and less stressful. Founder Larry Port (CEO) Launched: 2008 Made in: Boca Raton, United States Visit: Rocket Matter ... Read more »

FactBox: Powering how you practice law

FactBox organizes all the facts/evidence in your case by issue and transforms them into client-ready work product in a clean, easy-to-use format. Founders: Lecia Kaslofsky (CEO) and Edward Morris (Chief Product Officer) Launched: 2014 Made in: San Francisco Vistit: FactBox ... Read more »

Bestlaw: A browser extension to add the features Westlaw forgot

Bestlaw adds features to WestlawNext to make legal research more efficient, cost-effective, and enjoyable. It lets you create perfect Bluebook citations with one click. It has lots of other useful tools, too. Founder: Joe Mornin (CEO) Launched: 2014 Made in: Berkeley, USA Visit: Bestlaw ... Read more »

NextChapter: Bankruptcy software for the modern attorney

NextChapter is a legal tech startup helping attorneys prepare bankruptcy documents and manage case files online. Founder: Janine Holsinger (CEO) Launched: Pre-launch Beta Made in: Columbus, USA Visit: NextChapter ... Read more »

DealStage: Manage your deals efficiently - from docs to sig pages to closing

DealStage is a secure online app designed to help lawyers organize, and communicate about, a deal closing. DealStage offers tools that manage checklists, signature page sorting, document version control and other deal-related tasks. Founders: Charles Fellers and Greg Herrington Launched: 2013 Made in: New York Visit: DealStage ... Read more »

CosmoLex: The only cloud-based legal time and billing software with trust accounting

CosmoLex is a cloud-based law practice management solution that eliminates time tracking, billing and trust accounting issues. CosmoLex helps law firms manage matters, record advances, track time and expenses, generate bills, receive payments, reconcile bank statements and track client funds. Founder: Rick Kabra, CEO Launched: 2014 Made in: North Brunswick, ... Read more »

LegalTrek: Practice management for the modern era

LegalTrek is a cloud-based practice management solution making it easier for lawyers to manage their practices, using cutting-edge technology to bring legal practice management into the 21st century. Founders: Ivan Rasic (CEO) and Alex Gvozden (Product Manager) Launched: 2013 Made in: Boston Visit: LegalTrek ... Read more »

Clio: Making legal practice management sexy

Clio is a cloud-based legal practice management application that saves lawyers an average of eight hours every single week. It keeps everything organized and in one place: time & billing; scheduling and client collaboration. Even the bills are sexy. Founders: Jack Newton (CEO) and Rian Gauvreau (COO) Launched: 2007 Made ... Read more »