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RAVN Systems: Power of understanding

RAVN Systems Software experts specializing in Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Search, Graph Search, SharePoint Search Enhancements, Cognitive Computing, and KM Founders: Peter Wallqvist (Managing Director), Jan Van Hoecke (CTO), Simon Pecovnik (Professional Services Director), and Sjoerd Smeets (Director of Pre Sales) Launched: 2011 Made in: London, United Kingdom Visit: RAVN Systems ... Read more »

FiscalNote: Real-time open data platform

FiscalNote uses artificial intelligence and big data to deliver predictive analytics of governmental action to determine its impact. Founders: Tim Hwang (CEO), Jonathan Chen (Chief Strategy Officer), and Gerald Yao (CFO) Launched: 2013 Made in: Washington, United States Visit: FiscalNote ... Read more »

Picture It Settled: Negotiation art informed by science

Picture It Settled is a behavioral software platform has learned negotiating patterns from parties to thousands of litigated cases in a wide variety of jurisdictions and claim types. It can predict what an opponent will do, thereby saving time and money while optimizing settlements. Founder: Don Philbin (President) Launched: 2011 ... Read more »

Premonition: A very, very unfair advantage in litigation

Premonition uses artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and data mining to expose, for the first time ever, which lawyers win the most before which judge. Founders: Guy Kurlandski (CEO) and Toby Unwin (Chief Innovation Officer) Launched: 2014 Made in: Miami, United States Visit: Premonition ... Read more »

Juristat: Helping lawyers predict the future

Juristat allows its users to visually plot their chance of success in every aspect of the patent application process. Ultimately, Juristat offers nearly limitless competitive advantages to its users and their clients. Founders: Drew Winship (CEO), Jordan Woerndle (CIO), and Robert Ward (CTO) Launched: 2012 Made in: St. Louis, United ... Read more »